Your Coaching & Consulting Business

Start or grow your coaching and consulting business by partnering with RAC and take advantage of the training, support, and tools that are available to you. As a business consultant and coach, you are an expert in business and people development. Businesses need your expertise to help them succeed. We are here to make sure you succeed!

You Will Enjoy ...

Helping Others Succeed

Do you enjoy the rewarding feeling of helping others succeed in their professional lives? Use your experience and skill sets to become a business consultant and build or expand an independent consulting and coaching practice.

Financial Freedom

Independent business consulting can give you the financial freedom you've always wanted. No matter how you define it.

Work - Life Balance

Are you tired of living out of a suitcase, working countless hours, being downsized, and missing important family milestones? Starting a consulting business and working for yourself can help you achieve the work-life balance you've always been dreaming about!

Generating Clients

How Do I Get Clients?

We know that your number one concern is how you will generate clients on a consistent and sustainable basis. This is true for both professionals that are taking the leap from corporate and for someone who has an existing practice. Generating clients is critical as it is directly linked to your revenue!

First Step

Getting in the Door

When you decide to partner with RAC, the first thing you will do is start working with your support team and begin defining your specific market niche and what types of clients you want to be working with – it can be industry specific or general, geographically specific, coaching one-on-one, consulting with organizations, etc. After your market niche is defined, we help you figure out the best way to create relationships with decision makers within that defined niche.
We get this answer based on where those decision makers can be found, and together we make a plan to get you in front of them by creating value so they want to meet with you. The marketing activities can be any combination of approaches – networking, speaking, social media, web strategies, as well as many others. What you decide to implement is based on you, your market niche, and your goals. We have created a library of marketing tools which support this process of creating value in the eyes of the decision maker. Once they see the value, they are compelled to meet with you to discuss their opportunities or challenges.

Next Step

Landing the Client

Once your marketing activities are successful and you are generating in-person meetings with decision makers, we have created tools that help make your needs assessment discussion quickly lead to financial viability through a successful proposal: i.e. a paying client! Most of our consultants, who are focusing on their business as a full-time endeavor, are typically working with 4 to 6 clients at any given time.
Our implementation model is an innovative take on the traditional “consultant project” model. This proven model allows you to work with multiple clients simultaneously in lieu of the more traditional model which would require you to be on site until the project is complete. Most of our consultants are consulting inside organizations on a project basis as well as coaching professionals one-on-one. This creates two distinct revenue streams which lead to sustainability and a higher percentage of repeat business and referrals.

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Don't Worry, We Always Have Your Back!

Personal Support Analyst

One of the benefits of being a business consultant affiliated with RAC is that you are paired with a personal Support Analyst. Our Support Analysts are committed to your success and help you create a marketing plan in which you feel comfortable executing. They are there for you when it comes to creating and implementing a tailored process to achieve measurable results for your clients. Partner with RAC and receive unlimited accountability, because believe me, you will!

Client Generation

As an RAC business consultant, you will be trained in a proven client generation process, which helps ensure you are able to generate the number of clients you need to meet your financial goals. But remember, we’ve got your back!

Corporate Branding

Our Creative Solutions team is at your service! You will help to guide us in order to develop professional corporate branding (that you will love) for your new business. Logo design, business card creation, a corporate website build, marketing pieces, presentations, and other branding elements—these are just a few of the many resources that RAC’s Creative Solutions team can produce for you.

Library of Client Material

Our library of processes and deliverables are at your fingertips. Our processes are available in the form of a hardcover book or online format, perfect for any and all of your client needs. We also provide a content and video library that is easily accessible to our Affiliates to use at their disposal.

Marketing Plan

Your marketing plan is a key aspect to your business consulting success. Although it is ever evolving, this is not a document that is going to sit on your shelves and collect dust. You will be working on it day in and out... and RAC will be helping you to create and maintain it every step of the way!

Affiliate Development Sessions

Three times a year, RAC hosts "Affiliate Development Sessions" or as we like to call it, ADS. ADS provides the perfect opportunity for our business coaches and  business consultants to learn specific ways to grow their businesses, develop themselves, network with one another, and learn from their peers about new methods and best practices from a network with a high level of diversity when it comes to prior positions held and industry expertise, in an extremely collaborative sharing environment.

Make A Difference.

By assisting your clients in developing and managing appropriate strategic, cultural, and structural changes!

By providing personalized processes and support materials to your clients, you will help these individuals and/or businesses turn goals into reality!

By developing individuals and businesses alike to achieve their full potential – not only in their professional lives, but in their personal lives too!


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