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Our Mission

Resource Associates Corporation seeks to provide trustworthy products, services, and solutions that enable professionals across all industries to create, build, and expand a successful consulting or coaching practice. As a company, our expertise in creating custom client tools and maintaining proven processes allows us to provide our clients with the flexibility and support needed to build an independent practice customized to their individualized needs and standards.


What Does a Business Consultant Really Do?

A consultant helps organizations find the causes of their problems. They work with them to find solutions. And they assist them with the implementation to reach those solutions and get measurable results. In an ideal situation, the consultant becomes a trusted advisor to the organization and routinely assists in providing guidance, resources, and information.

Getting Started With Your Opportunituy

The first steps you need to take in partnering with RAC.

A Library Of Client Tools

By partnering your consulting business with RAC, you have access to a series of client tools that can be customized for your clients, and are proven to achieve measurable results.

Strategic Planning

Our approach to the strategic planning process is not cookie cutter. As a Consultant/Coach, you’d work closely with your clients to create a customized strategic plan. The strategic planning process provides a format for identifying critical success factors and converting those factors into a plan that leads to results. Not only does a personalized strategic plan help a company determine where they need to go, but it also helps them create the action steps in order to get there.

People Development

You specialize in helping organizations grow and maintain a competitive advantage by developing and more effectively utilizing the talents, aptitudes, and abilities of their people. The RAC people development processes are built on three key ingredients; attitude and behavior development, skill improvement, and a proven goal accomplishment model. Each is typically customized depending on your client.

Process Improvement

You also help clients build quality into their businesses and operating processes by removing variability and/or non-value added steps. Knowing that change is never easy, and that “change for change sake” is not productive. You focus on what truly matters… generating results. Each implementation is customized to the client’s specific situation. You focus on creativity before capital or low cost/no cost solutions. RAC views process improvement as a management philosophy – one that is strategically centered, management driven, customer focused, and employee supported.

Watch our video interviews to learn what motivated the consultants in our network to start a consulting business, and learn how partnering with RAC has helped them.

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